Valentine’s Day Flowers Other Than Roses

Nothing says more Valentine’s Day like a dozen red roses. Red roses are traditional Valentine’s Day flowers as they symbolize love. Therefore, couples tend to gift each other red roses on Valentine’s day.


Pavé. Order online via Mayhew Florist

They are undeniably romantic, however, if you or your partner are not a fan of the traditional dozen red roses, there are many other flowers that you can gift on Valentine’s Day.



Tulips generally signify perfect love. As many other flowers, each tulip colour has its own meaning. Red tulips, for instance, are associated with true love, pink tulips represent caring, and purple tulips signify loyalty. A beautiful bouquet with tulips would be absolutely perfect as a Valentine gift for your loved one.



Local Movement Bouquet. Order online via Mayhew Florist



Carnations are used for many different occasions and bear various meanings. Its general meaning is fascination and divine love. Scientific name of carnations is Dianthus Caryophillus, literally translated as “Flowers of Love”. Red carnations symbolize love, pride and admiration. Pink carnations mean “a love of a woman or a mother”, while white carnations are associated with pure love. A combination of these three colours would make a romantic Valentine’s Day flowers.


Carnation-peonies-Hyacinth Flowers

Carnation Bouquet. Order Online via Mayhew Florist



Daisies symbolize purity and innocence. White daisies convey loyal love which make them an ideal flower  in a bouquet to your loved one.


Daisy Bouquet. Order Online via Mayhew Florist Online Shop


Arrangement with favourite flowers and colours

Valentine’s Day flowers are traditionally about red and pink. However, if you know your loved one has a favourite colour or a flower, go for it! Buy an arrangement with exotic flowers he/she likes or  an arrangement with his/her favourite colour.




Unique rose arrangement

If your Valentine loves roses but is not keen on traditional long stem dozen red roses in a vase, try out something different. Find an arrangement that features roses in different shaped vases.

Seek out unique arrangements in tea pots or tea cups!


Roses in a Tea Cup. Click on the Image to Order Online


Gift a plant

Some people love plants more than cut flowers. So why not buy a plant for your loved one! Succulents and airplants are a huge trend for 2015 and will make a perfect Valentine’s Day gift for a plant lover. You can buy a unique container and make your own terrarium!




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