Wedding Florals

Nestled between our Valentines Day and Mothers Day rushes, right in the heart of spring, our fourth wedding of the year took place.  A beautiful and simple wedding for close friends and family only, one of our brides used vibrant and bold coloured Gerbera Daisies to add flare to the intimate gathering.

Yellow, pink, red Gerbera Bouquet

Requiring only florals for her wedding party, the bridal bouquet was a gorgeous arrangement of white and pink Gerbera Daisies accented with strawberry coloured Tulips.  The bridesmaids carried small bouquets of Gerbers in red, yellow, and fuchsia. These flowers were accented with Bear Grass loops and finished with an ivory ribbon wrap. The contrast of these strong colours against their coral bridesmaids dresses made for a stunning visual.  For the gentlemen of the ceremony, red mini Gerberas arranged with Bear Grass and wrapped in black ribbon, were used for boutonnieres. The deep red against their crisp black suits was a very dramatic look.


For brides who want to bring some drama and flare to their wedding, strong coloured Gerberas are a great option. Relatively inexpensive, Gerbera Daisies are available in 2 sizes, which make them easy to work into varying arrangement sizes. Additionally, they have a bold structure that brings a lot of impact.

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