Administrative Professional’s Day

We have been having a beautiful spring season in Vancouver, and the weather has been so great that it already feels like summer.  Taking a stroll down the residential streets around the shop I saw the cherry blossom lined streets dusting the parked cars in pink fluff.  Beautiful.  Of course, I am able to appreciate their beauty since I don’t park there.  It is sad to see that the Vancouver Cherry Blossom Festival has ended, but I am looking to see more peonies around.

Cherry Blossoms

This year, April 27th is Administrative Professional’s Day, formerly known as Secretaries’ Day.  Every year, this day is celebrated during the last full week of April (during Administrative Professional’s Week).  Personally, I prefer saying Secretaries’ Day simply because the former tends to be a mouthful.  However, I get that the day isn’t just for secretaries.  We have to say thanks to all of the people who prevent our places of work from falling into complete calamity.

In our shop, it’s nice seeing our customers coming in and ordering flowers for these integral people in their lives.  To be on the receiving end of that is always a great feeling too.  While we don’t need a designated week to offer these gestures of gratitude, it’s good to keep ourselves in check and show appreciation beyond just a paycheck.

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